The Witness Podcast: Criticism and ‘political correctness’

The Witness Podcast, Episode 3. Recently British critic Quentin Letts caused a storm by suggesting the RSC cast an actor only because he was black. Is this in fact racist criticism? (Spoiler: Yes, it is!) Is “political correctness” a thing? Can we be critically rigorous and also not bigoted? This month Team Witness – Alison Croggon, Carissa Lee and Robert Reid – dives merrily into the minefield of political correctness and freedom of speech in the arts. Further reading: Quentin Letts and the RSC Wesley Enoch’s Nick Enright Speech Declan Greene’s response The Birthday Party controversy on Theatre Notes You can subscribe to Witness podcasts through iTunes or an RSS feed. Click here for instructions on how to subscribe.

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Team Witness - Robert Reid, Alison Croggon and Carissa Lee - discuss this month in Australian performing arts. Issues, shows, debate.