The Witness Podcast: How did we get here?

Arts funding. It’s not a sexy subject, but anyone interested in Australian culture needs to know how it works. Since 2013, the absolute number of individual artists and organisations funded by the Australia Council has decreased by 73 per cent.  Alison Croggon and Robert Reid take a look at how we got here and what this means. Further reading: Alison Croggon on the cultural crisis in Australia Black Friday: Alison Croggon on the Brandis debacle You can subscribe to The Witness Podcast through the Smart Player above or through the RSS feed. If you want to subscribe, you need to copy and paste the link below into your podcasting application. You can subscribe to Witness podcasts through iTunes or an RSS feed. Click here for instructions on how to subscribe.

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Team Witness - Robert Reid, Alison Croggon and Carissa Lee - discuss this month in Australian performing arts. Issues, shows, debate.