The Witness Podcast: Is everything too broken?

In our second Witness podcast, Team Witness gets down to some nitty gritty. Last month, Soda Jerk’s film Terra Nullius was disowned for being “unAustralian” by its philanthropic commissioning body, the Ian Potter Foundation. What does this imply for the future of the arts, given the push away from public funding to private philanthropy? In times of increasing austerity, arts companies are becoming reluctant to take risks: so how do we address urgent systemic problems, such as racism or sexism?  Robert Reid, Carissa Lee and Alison Croggon ask all the questions. Answers? Not so much… You can subscribe to Witness podcasts through iTunes or an RSS feed. Click here for instructions on how to subscribe.

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Team Witness - Robert Reid, Alison Croggon and Carissa Lee - discuss this month in Australian performing arts. Issues, shows, debate.