The Witness Podcast: The story so far

‘There are gods walking through performance’ Is there a new energy sweeping through our theatres? It’s been six months since Witness launched, so founders Robert Reid and Alison Croggon take the opportunity to look back over the performances they’ve seen. And the good news is that there’s a lot of great work out there, notably from women and people of colour, that is responding to the anxieties of our time. Works mentioned: Blackie Blackie Brown Contest Overture Lone The Nose My Sister Feather The Bleeding Tree A Caltex Spectrum The Barbershop Chronicles You can subscribe to The Witness Podcast via an RSS feed. If you want to subscribe, you need to copy and paste the link below into your podcasting application. You can subscribe to the podcast directly through iTunes at this link

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Team Witness - Robert Reid, Alison Croggon and Carissa Lee - discuss this month in Australian performing arts. Issues, shows, debate.