Brandon Ridenour, CEO Of ANGI Discusses how ANGI is disrupting the home services industry.

The Interview Discusses: Brandon’s views on running a public company (especially during times of stock price volatility). Why ANGI took the rare step for a public company and stopped providing quarterly guidance. How ANGI is trying to transform the way consumers purchase home services and why he believes home services is one of the last major categories without a significant online presence. How ANGI is helping to reduce the lack of price transparency in the home services business. How he believes ANGI will be able to compete against Facebook and Google in the home services category. Brandon’s views on potential anti-competitive behavior by companies like Google and whether the government should be exploring antitrust action. The opportunity ANGI sees in fixed priced services and how they are building a similar model to that of Uber or Doordash. ANGI’s partnerships with both Realogy and Loews. How COVID has impacted ANGI’s business and which categories are doing well and which are struggling. Why millennials are an incredible tailwind for their business. Why he believes ANGI will do well regardless of economic conditions. And much more…Biography: William B. (Brandon) Ridenour is CEO of ANGI Homeservices (ANGI) and also serves on the Board of Directors. Prior to assuming the role of CEO of ANGI Homeservices, Mr. Ridenour served as the Chief Product Officer of ANGI Homeservices and as the Chief Product Officer and Chief Technology Officer of HomeAdvisor for six years leading up to the acquisition of Angie’s List in 2017. In this role, Mr. Ridenour managed web and mobile product strategy, product design and development, as well as the operations of HomeAdvisor's North American subsidiaries, HomeStars, mHelpDesk and CraftJack.Earlier in his career, Mr. Ridenour served as the Senior Vice President of eCommerce at Nutrisystem, Inc. where he managed e-commerce organization and supported multiple large scale e-commerce platforms. He also previously served as the Director of eBusiness Solutions at Scholastic.Mr. Ridenour currently serves on the board of Builder Homesite, Inc., a company whose mission is to bring home building leaders together to develop world-class technology solutions. He is also on the board of Axial, the largest online marketplace connecting private companies to capital.To read the transcript of this interview click here. 

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