28. SPECIAL EPISODE: Israel and Palestine - Everything you need to know with Yara Eid - a 20-year-old Palestinian from Gaza

I’m bringing you this special episode of The Worldwide Tribe in response to what has been happening in recent weeks in Israel and Palestine. When I asked on social media what you wanted to hear about this topic , you said personal stories and also the history of the region so that’s what I’m bringing you.My guest today is the amazing Yara Eid… a 20-year-old from Gaza. Yara left Gaza 5 years ago, after winning a scholarship to a boarding school in Wales. She now studies International relations at the University of Edinburgh and travels across the UK raising awareness about Palestine. I first learnt about Yara after seeing a viral video of her on Instagram last week. It was a raw, heartbreaking moment of her crying after hearing the news that her neighbours house in Gaza had been bombed, and not knowing whether her own family had survived the attack. The video stuck with me through all the posts, noise and outrage about the most recent developments in the region, as it was such a personal account of the human impact of what is happening. In this interview Yara brought me to tears about 8 times. The stories about her little brother, the death of her pet tortoise, what she witnessed at 14 years old, and the way she articulates her experience in her second language, just absolutely blew my mind. I truly feel that Yara’s personal account, as a human being, regardless of politics, nationality or your beliefs, needs to be heard and I hope that recording this podcast is the beginning of a friendship between us because I think she’s amazing. I hope you enjoy our conversation. To find out more, follow Yara at @eid_yara on Instagram.To support this podcast: https://www.patreon.com/theworldwidetribe Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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