46. THE JOURNEY Episode 6: Going Full Circle

Welcome to the FINAL episode of The Journey!Today’s episode is designed to speak to that rhetoric that refugees or asylum seekers might be a burden... that they take from us, economically, culturally, or whatever that fear might be. I’m honoured to be able to share multiple examples of how much we have to gain from welcoming refugees and asylum seekers with open arms. This episode came to be because along this journey we met many people working in grassroots refugee response, who have lived experience of migration themselves. By this I mean, refugees, people who have been displaced themselves, going on to support others in their same situation. So this episode is about those inspirational people turning their struggle into something incredible, going full circle and using their knowledge, expertise and depth of understanding through personal experience, to give back to their community. This episode is in honour of them.We first hear from Nour and James, founders of The Great Oven. They build giant community ovens and donate them to those in need.Next we hear from my lovely friend Danika who works unaccompanied minors in Paris. Her approach to humanitarian work has always inspired me.Finally, we finish with some inportant words from Mustafa of Velos Youth.To find out more about the organisations featured in this episode:https://www.greatoven.org/https://velosyouth.org/To support this podcast:https://patreon.com/theworldwidetribeTo buy our merch:https://theworldwidetribeshop.com/–Many of the people we spoke to along this journey are being supported by projects funded by Comic Relief. Thanks to donations from the UK public, Comic Relief's Across Borders programme has invested over £7 million in organisations supporting refugees and people seeking asylum along these routes. Find out more about Comic Relief’s work and how to support it at comicrelief.com. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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