Jad Gillies

Jad Gillies is a songwriter, worship leader, and member of Hillsong UNITED. In this episode, Jad shares his journey of working with Hillsong, unpacks his philosophy of worship leading, and reminds us why connecting with the people we are leading is so important. This conversation will challenge you, equip you, and possibly cause you to rethink and reframe the way you lead worship.  |  To learn more about Hillsong UNITED, visit: hillsong.com/united | Find us @multitracks // multitracks.com

Om Podcasten

Hosted by MultiTracks.com, this podcast is where we explore how Worship and Technology come together in the lives of pastors, music artists, worship leaders and musicians. Join us weekly as we converse with some of the most influential leaders in the Church today. Season 3 is available now!