Is social media ruining the joy of DIY? With Psychologist Sam Raimondi (Ep 44)

This week I talked to Sam Raimondi, the DIY Huntress, in her professional capacity as a psychologist to see if she can offer us all some strategies for dealing with the funk we all seem to be in after the past couple years. It’s great to have hobbies to give us an outlet to relieve some of the stress we feel, but with inflation, the cost of materials, looming recession, and general uncertainty, it can be pretty hard to pursue those activities.    We also explored the role of social media and "influencers" on all our lives and how it affects our well being. Who can possibly keep up with the thousands of people we follow who live charmed lives, traveling the globe, making the coolest projects imaginable, building their own dream shops, and remodeling their homes. If you’re working paycheck to paycheck, are you inspired by all this or is it just depressing?    Sam's YouTube channel:  The WTS Website: 

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