The Yesterworld Podcast #013 - Talkin’ Rumors, Disney Animations, Old Universal Rides & More!

New Lion King attraction rumored for the Magic Kingdom Should Disney consider basing future attractions on live action remakes of animated classics? Mark and Quinn review the Frozen 2 teaser trailer Will photorealistic backgrounds in animation prove to be a problem in the future? How well has hand drawn animation aged in comparison to computer animation? The E.T. incident at Universal Studios Orlando - how will this affect the ride long-term? Will E.T. The Ride survive an expansion to Universal Orlando? Is there any merit to the rumors surround Steven Spielberg’s insistence that the ride is left alone? Aging intellectual properties in Universal theme parks - The Mummy, Men in Black, E.T., etc. What should Disney’s next dark ride be?

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Yesterworld is a place where we'll talk about entertainment subjects of the past, whether it be theme parks, movies, television, video games, or anything in between. The goal is to enlighten, entertain, and provide a mixture of objective/subjective views to create an overall well rounded experience.