The Yesterworld Podcast #016 - Talkin' with Special Guest Rob Plays

Fellow theme park YouTuber Rob Plays joins the show this week as a special guest to discuss the recent Galaxy’s Edge news and more! Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge finally has an official opening date… or two Will opening Galaxy’s Edge in two separate phases help keep the number of guests manageable? How can Disney ensure the Star Wars expansions feel at home in the Disney Parks for years to come? What should Disney do with their existing Star Wars themed attractions and shops? Realistically, how long does Muppet Vision 3D have within Hollywood Studios before a replacement or refurbishment becomes necessary? What is Rob’s most controversial theme park opinion? With easily accessible entertainment technology progressing at an ever increasing rate, do theme parks like Disney and Universal need to put in extra effort to keep guests impressed? Why did the theming of Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Disney’s California Adventure fall flat? Mark, Quinn and Rob discuss the ups and downs of Disney CEOs Bob Iger and Michael Eisner

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