The Yesterworld Podcast #021 - Talkin' The Great Movie Ride's Fate, Dinosaur CTE & More!

This week, Mark and Quinn bring you what may be the greatest episode of the Yesterworld Podcast yet - it will make you laugh, it will make you cry… but more importantly, it will leave you wondering why there HASN’T yet been an Indiana Jones film set in the prehistoric era. 
 Mark and Quinn discuss the latest episode of Yesterworld - this week on the beloved Great Movie Ride!
 Did Disney make the right decision removing the Great Movie Ride altogether?
 Quinn and Mark discuss working at a theme park. Would it ruin the “magic” of Disney?
 What is Disney’s endgame for Hollywood Studios’ theming? Do they have a plan at all?
 Armchair Imagineering returns - this time with Animal Kingdom’s Dinosaur!
 Mark and Quinn discuss the very controversial Sonic trailer… and the director’s vow to fix the beloved hedgehog’s design.

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Yesterworld is a place where we'll talk about entertainment subjects of the past, whether it be theme parks, movies, television, video games, or anything in between. The goal is to enlighten, entertain, and provide a mixture of objective/subjective views to create an overall well rounded experience.