Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal

Curt Jaimungal AMA #1 (Consciousness, education, IQ, which Theory of Everything is correct?)

av Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal | Publicerades 4/2/2021

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Thoughts on alien abductions? 00:16:29 [Anna Lukomsky] How did the podcast get started? Did you know it would change your world? 00:18:52 [apostolos prl] Facebook and supporting Curt 00:21:04 [Aspen French] Getting more feminists on the channel 00:22:25 [Austin Harper] Free will? Aliens? God? Ego death? Perfect form of government? Panpsychism? 00:24:53 [Babak Rasolzadeh] What have you learned from the brilliant people interviewed that has affected your daily life? 00:26:17 [Biers Adajew] Do you see the world more clearly or are you more lost? 00:28:12 [Boris Martinez] Curt's IQ / age / net worth 00:33:22 [Anna Lukomsky] Is your quest for a TOE spiritual or scientific? Science 2.0 00:34:38 [Brandon S-P] Do you think philosophy should feature more crucially in STEM education? 00:37:08 [Brandon S-P] How weird will the final TOE be for it to be the real deal (definition of Theory of Everything) 00:38:51 [BubblePuppy] Have you tried getting Bob Lazar on? 00:41:35 [Daniel] Views on Marxism evolved since starting the channel? 00:43:08 [Dhruv Gupta] Introduction with films and interest in watching them now 00:43:38 [eljay] Upbringing / parents / most significant life moments 00:47:57 [eljay] Most bizarre / profound experience 00:48:29 [Filip O] "Why is there something rather than nothing?" 01:00:24 [Daslt Mane] Thoughts on String Theory 01:01:24 [Frederik Guigui] Robert Sapolsky? 01:01:31 [Game_changer0] Going against belief in order not to risk financial security / when does persuasion become manipulation 01:07:48 [Game_changer0] Can we ever find the "Theory of Everything"? 01:08:15 [Geoffry Gifari] On the interview "style" of Curt and abruptness of questions / transitions 01:15:25 [Yoon Hur] Have you grown more sympathetic to the left, after interviewing Chomsky? 01:16:25 [GL XL] Why haven't you interviewed Jason Reza Jorjani yet? 01:54:15 [Grizwald Grim] How do we get on the show, if we have a TOE? How do we contact you? 01:17:41 [Grizwald Grim] Which interview do you value most? 01:17:57 Chris Langan and Wittgenstein's ladder 01:19:33 [Hans Frankfurter] I am 36, can I still learn advanced math and contribute something meaningful? 01:20:12 [Ivan Goran] Are you familiar with "General Semantics" of Alfred Korzybski? 01:20:27 [ja524309] On studying math, and the research that goes into this channel 01:21:25 [Johan Hedvall] Which interviews energized you and which ones drained you? 01:23:49 [junaidesse] Pineapple on pizza 01:25:03 [junaidesse] What could leave you with regret on your deathbed? 01:26:59 [Light Armanov] How do you keep getting on Chomsky? 01:29:23 [Mai April] You said you have an artistic side... What do you do besides filmmaking? 01:29:46 [Mario Calabrese] What can change the nature of a man? 01:30:54 [Nat] Dream guests? 01:33:12 [Nat] Thoughts philosophy and education / social problems? 01:34:50 [NoahNoahNoah] Are you still having Graham Priest on the show? 01:37:00 [Pack Man] What you think of education system? 01:40:03 [Paul Maurice] What is your background in math and physics? 01:42:12 [Peter Nikolaev] In-depth review on all the TOE's? 01:42:52 [Rishabh Prasad] Have you tried getting Sir Roger Penrose on? 01:43:31 [Rutger Poelakker] What would you recommend for us to read, besides Gödel Escher Bach? 01:44:25 [Ryan Collin] What is Love? 01:44:55 [Ryan Collin] Is attention the fundamental value of consciousness? 01:46:06 [Ryan Collin] What are your thoughts on solipsism? 01:46:31 [Shahariar Rony] How much did your view of religion / supernatural change after interviewing Rupert Sheldrake? 01:48:15 Best economic system? 01:53:25 [shubham3020] What are your views on Islam? Does Islam promote violence? 01:56:13 [Sid] How many hours do you study? 01:57:08 [SoEuphoric87] What lead to your existential curiosity? Why aren't more people interested in philosophy? 01:57:43 [Squark09] Best guest so far / interpretations of QM  / meditation 02:00:36 [Stuart Scott] What's your take on consciousness? 02:01:51 [the_RMM] How the heck did you manage to get such famous thinkers to give you the time of day? 02:02:11 [Throwaway4421] Discriminating against "white people" being okay 02:03:12 [voyageruk2002] On Cmdr David Fravor 02:03:51 [voyageruk2002] Do you think you could get a conversation with Lex Fridman? * * * Subscribe if you want more conversations on Theories of Everything, Consciousness, Free Will, God, and the mathematics / physics of each. * * * I just finished (April 2021) a documentary called Better Left Unsaid on the topic of "when does the left go too far?" Visit that site if you'd like to watch it.

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Watch unedited interviews with intellectuals on the topics of delineating extremism on the left, Theories of Everything (physics), free will, and consciousness. I don't oversimplify concepts to a lay audience and expect those listening to either read up on the technical terms they're unfamiliar with, or choose another episode. A fully articulated approach, where each interlocutor says what they think to be the case as precisely as possible without concern for high-level non-detail oriented conversations, is what I believe is both what people are most interested and what can move us away from dogmatic / unruly extremism.