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Jonathan Pageau on Art, Metaphor vs. Literal, Christ, The West, and Better Left Unsaid

av Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal | Publicerades 4/2/2021

YouTube link: Jonathan Pageau carves Eastern Orthodox Icons and other traditional Christian images in wood and stone. He's a cognoscenti with regard to symbolism and the West. *NOTE: This is a re-upload of a video that is approximately 2 years old.* Jonathan's channel: Better Left Unsaid (the documentary): Patreon for conversations on Theories of Everything, Consciousness, Free Will, and God: Help support conversations like this via PayPal: Twitter: iTunes: Pandora: Spotify: Google Podcasts: Discord Invite Code (as of Mar 04 2021): dmGgQ2dRzS Subreddit r/TheoriesOfEverything: TIMESTAMPS BY: Cooper Sheehan 00:00:00 Introduction 00:02:10 The artistry of symbolism 00:03:32 History of an artist / The transition from modern to contemporary art  00:06:36 The traditional view of art (art as the tool) 00:08:46 Finding a personal style in the contemporary art era  00:12:14 Is it Art? / Arts purpose (meaning/ integration) in the world    00:15:11 Modern art as destabilization  00:19:11 Contemporary art as a parody of modernism  00:21:33 The propaganda of Social Realism 00:23:37 Social Realism in contemporary media 00:25:36 The destruction of symbols as the restructuring of culture  00:26:49 Modern propaganda and the upside-down Fairy-tale 00:30:30 Miyazaki and feminine symbolism  00:33:46 Lord of the Rings: The technological power dynamic of the Ring 00:39:51 Taking in things to make us whole 00:44:23 The weight of the Ring (from Lord of the Rings) 00:47:23 The Little Mermaid: The transition of worlds 00:53:31 Living in the moment: Nihilism  00:54:51 Cain and Able: The sin of pride 01:00:23 Social revolution and the revolution of the content (happy / satisfied) 01:03:37 Our society of excess 01:07:46 Becoming an anchor / Truth, Justice, Civility 01:10:17 Fixing the problem from the ground up and the ecological problem 01:12:38 Remember the Christian story / Christianity as a way out  01:15:29 Finding one's place in life / Finding ones meaning / Jonathan Pageau finding meaning in religion for art    01:20:01 Iconography and life’s patterns   01:23:34 Symbolism life’s meanings  01:25:48 Islam and Religious expansion  01:29:15 The lenses we see the world through and Identification Theory 01:35:01 The pattern of being and reality  01:37:31 Desires as pulling away from the (ones) center / Giving into desire / The right hand and left-hand sins  01:41:20 Knowing one's center 01:42:21 Seeing films through a lens/ Shazam thought experiment/ Shazam and interpreting meaning   01:46:57 Reading too much into art / Hollywood film and narrative patterns  01:51:05 Personal bias in reading films / Pattern vs counter pattern  01:52:51 Introverted art vs extroverted art  01:57:08 Narrative morality / The scales of good or bad and narrative complexity  01:59:25 The framing of Christ   02:01:55 Film framing and narrative tropes  02:04:52 The Hollywood problem / The entertainment culture problem  02:06:35 When do you see the left going too far? / The world of exceptions  * * * Subscribe if you want more conversations on Theories of Everything, Consciousness, Free Will, God, and the mathematics / physics of each. * * * I just finished (April 2021) a documentary called Better Left Unsaid on the topic of "when does the left go too far?" Visit that site if you'd like to watch it.

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Watch unedited interviews with intellectuals on the topics of delineating extremism on the left, Theories of Everything (physics), free will, and consciousness. I don't oversimplify concepts to a lay audience and expect those listening to either read up on the technical terms they're unfamiliar with, or choose another episode. A fully articulated approach, where each interlocutor says what they think to be the case as precisely as possible without concern for high-level non-detail oriented conversations, is what I believe is both what people are most interested and what can move us away from dogmatic / unruly extremism.