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Stuart Hameroff on Penrose, Self-Similar Consciousness, and Time Travelling Free Will (technical)

av Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal | Publicerades 3/4/2021

YouTube link: Stuart Hameroff is an American anesthesiologist and professor at the University of Arizona known for his studies of consciousness and contention that consciousness originates from quantum states in neural microtubules, partnering with Roger Penrose to explicate on the physics involved. TOE Clippings: Discord Invite Code (as of Mar 04 2021): dmGgQ2dRzS Subreddit r/TheoriesOfEverything: Patreon for conversations on Theories of Everything, Consciousness, Free Will, and God: Help support conversations like this via PayPal: Twitter: iTunes: Pandora: Spotify: Google Podcasts: iTunes: 00:00:00 Introduction 00:02:18 For 73, how does Hameroff stay fast and adroit? 00:02:58 On Hameroff's personal beliefs of God 00:03:44 How did Stuart come to the idea that consciousness arises in microtubules? 00:08:55 The non-computational nature of consciousness and the hard-problem 00:11:56 Gödel's theorem and quantum gravity / superposition 00:16:54 Quantum computers and Frolich resonances 00:19:25 Roger Penrose enters in the picture where / when / how? 00:23:45 David Chalmer's legendary talk was at the conference Hameroff organized 00:26:33 Penrose modified Hameroff's ideas 00:28:04 The vibrations of consciousness (Gamma) 00:32:00 Details on the calculations of the collapse time of tubulin and microtubules 00:38:07 The myth of the 1% of the brain 00:41:33 Firing rates of neurons during psychedelics and how the brain seemingly "decreases" 00:46:42 Which comes first, cognition or consciousness? 00:48:27 Anesthesia and "truth serums" (disinhibition revealing inner truths?) 00:50:04 What's it like to work with Penrose? What's an example of a problem you're working on? 00:57:00 Free-will as travelling backward in time (Libett's experiments) 01:01:36 Dennett won't comment on his theories 01:02:33 Agreements / disagreements with Penrose 01:06:16 Explaining terms: Isolated systems, phases of quantum computing, gamma synchrony 01:11:40 Explaining terms: Benzine rings, non-polar, and hydrophobic 01:13:08 Structure of the microtubules 01:17:33 Tau proteins and Alzheimer's  01:17:00 Fractals / self-similarity and its relation to consciousness 01:20:06 Quantifying consciousness with anesthesia 01:21:42 Glial cells vs neurons for consciousness / computation 01:24:08 Can quantum computers be consciousness? 01:28:55 Is periodicity required or is aperiodicity a prius? 01:29:41 IIT vs Global Neuronal vs Orch OR 01:33:57 Falsifying Hameroff's and Penrose's theory (Orch OR) 01:37:00 Koch's thought experiment on the ridiculousness of Schrödinger's cat being alive and dead 01:38:01 How do Platonic Forms come into this? 01:40:12 What Curt likes most about Orch OR 01:42:52 Experiencing "nothing" 01:43:55 Comparing Wolfram's theory 01:45:00 How does Penrose's theory solve the Hard problem of consciousness 01:47:07 Does there exist free will 01:48:15 Strong vs Weak anthropic principle and and an explanation for the ratios of nature 01:52:06 Consciousness drives the evolution of the universe 01:53:46 Vibrating the microtubules at home 01:59:07 Is the Universe conscious? Are humans so far the most conscious agents? 02:01:18 On Deepak Chopra 02:02:31 ESP and other Paranormal phenomenon in Hameroff's model 02:03:12 Audience Q: Is the depressed person more, or less, conscious? 02:05:17 Pre-cognition effects are real but don't get published 02:08:47 On Jung and Hameroff's model 02:09:24 Audience Q: Is the Sun conscious? * * * Subscribe if you want more conversations on Theories of Everything, Consciousness, Free Will, God, and the mathematics / physics of each. * * * I'm producing an imminent documentary Better Left Unsaid on the topic of "when does the left go too far?" Visit that site if you'd like to contribute to getting the film distributed (early-2021).

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