Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal

Tammy Peterson on tragic illness, finding God, gratitude, and unselfish service

av Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal | Publicerades 2/25/2021

YouTube link: Patreon for conversations on Theories of Everything, Consciousness, Free Will, and God: Help support conversations like this via PayPal: Twitter: iTunes: Pandora: Spotify: Google Podcasts: iTunes:   Beyond Order (unaffiliated links): Canada USA   Better Left Unsaid (trailer): Better Left Unsaid (link to buy late-March):    Edited by: Antonio Pastore   00:00:00 Introduction 00:02:39 Tammy's routine (morning and evening) 00:07:13 Type of meditation, yoga, and prayer Tammy performs 00:09:14 What was Tammy looking for growing up? 00:11:44 Does one need to be in tune with their body? 00:14:51 A recent squabble with Jordan, and how she used it for self-insight 00:24:28 Settling disputes in a relationship with internally directed blame 00:26:00 Finding God in illness 00:27:27 Religion vs. Spirituality 00:28:16 Overview of Tammy's illness and recovery (visualization techniques) 00:47:25 How a fan of Jordan helped save Tammy's life 00:55:52 Finding meaning in living for others, rather than torment that you're only living for others 00:59:44 Is illness a blessing? A test? A curse? 01:01:51 Extracting the inner hurt / coping mechanism from a sense of over-confidence 01:04:36 On On gratitude (and what's on Tammy's list?) 01:06:18 The pandemic and introverts 01:08:25 Would Tammy have found God without her illness? 01:10:10 The difference between those that turn to God vs. away: humility 01:11:01 Tammy on Catholicism and the rosary 01:11:38 You have to be driven by value that comes from beyond yourself 01:13:10 Serving others is necessary to have a full spiritual experience 01:13:38 Mary and advice for women 01:15:41 What does it mean that God is only in the present moment? 01:17:05 On being "reborn" 01:18:37 The problems you deal with are often generations old 01:20:52 How can you love yourself, if you want to change? How can you have compassion for yourself? 01:25:30 What else has changed besides God, in Tammy's outlook? 01:26:24 What if your negative harmful thoughts are the truth? 01:27:37 Truth vs. Love in a relationship (do you side with the world or your partner?) 01:29:07 How did Tammy know the importance of Truth at a young age, with Jordan? 01:30:13 Audience: What were the best practices Tammy's parents did? (User: Salt Lemon) 01:30:45 Audience: What advice do you have for parents with an extremely ill child? (User: Feels like Fire) 01:30:59 Story of Jordan proposing to Tammy several times (User: Irish Lobster) 01:32:11 Audience: Favorite books? (User: Veg Mech) 01:34:21 How does Tammy handle the hit pieces toward Jordan?  

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Watch unedited interviews with intellectuals on the topics of delineating extremism on the left, Theories of Everything (physics), free will, and consciousness. I don't oversimplify concepts to a lay audience and expect those listening to either read up on the technical terms they're unfamiliar with, or choose another episode. A fully articulated approach, where each interlocutor says what they think to be the case as precisely as possible without concern for high-level non-detail oriented conversations, is what I believe is both what people are most interested and what can move us away from dogmatic / unruly extremism.