CONVERSATIONS WITH- Oliver Seligman, Author of ”Befriending Bipolar”

In this episode of 'Conversations With", Mental Illness advocate Shaley Hoogendoorn chats with Oliver Seligman, author of 'Befriending Bipolar: a patient's perspective'. Oliver is a truth teller and his book is a deep dive into his experiences with bipolar disorder, psychosis and eventually acceptance. I felt seen and understood because I could relate to many of his symptoms and stories.  Although not uncommon in bipolar disorder, Oliver's experience with severe manic episodes and psychosis are dramatic and frightening. He describes in detail what it feels like to break from reality and live in a world that is not real. They discuss how easy it is to convince yourself that you no longer need medication and the fallout from trying to wean off without medical supervision. This is a real and raw conversation between two people that know what it is like to live with bipolar for many years. I think others will find themselves in Oliver's story and be inspired by how he after years of struggle he learned that he could not only exist and manage his bipolar disorder, he could befriend it in a way that helps him live a more peaceful and meaningful life. Oliver's story is a story of hope and perseverance. this is bipolar... To my listeners, Thank you for being here. If this episode or podcast means something to you, I would be forever grateful if you would favourite this account & follow/subscribe the ‘this is bipolar’ podcast wherever you listen your podcasts so you stay up to date. It would also mean the world to me if you gave a 5 ⭐️ review- this helps the podcast reach those who need to hear it most. If you want to have deeper conversations and hear more from my guests and others, go to IG page and become a subscriber. There is so many extras that come along with a subscription. Thank you for supporting me and this podcast.  🤍 Shaley Meet Oliver: Aged seventeen Oliver Seligman experienced severe manic and depressive episodes. He ended up in The Royal Edinburgh Psychiatric Hospital, where he was diagnosed with manic depression. Having lived with bipolar type one for nearly thirty-five years, Oliver has written a book about his experiences called Befriending Bipolar: a patient's perspective. Befriending Bipolar is a story of hope. It tells about the highs and lows, wild experiences, friendships, interactions with psychiatrists and psychologists, his attempts and battles to come off medication, and most importantly how he has found peace with a serious mental illness. Oliver has also written a book called The Broker who Broke Free about his journey with bipolar, meditation and finding peace.For the last twenty years, Oliver has taught Ascension meditation all over the world, and is currently studying for a Masters in The Psychology of Mental Health at Edinburgh University. He likes to laugh, not take himself or life too seriously, and to enjoy the simple pleasures. You can connect with Oliver @befriending_bipolar on instagram or on YouTube  @OliverSeligman

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