In this episode of 'Conversations With', Mental Illness Activist, Shaley Hoogendoorn talks to Wairimu Ndung'u about her lived experience with bipolar disorder and ADHD. Wairimu openly shares what it what it was to experience the pressures of teenage and young adult life in school with undiagnosed bipolar disorder in Kenya, Africa. It was fascinating to learn about the cultural influence on stigmas and misconceptions about Bipolar Disorder in another part of the world. Wairimu is doing all different types of activism and education to smash the stigma around mental illness and mood disorders. Her story is one of perseverance and inspiration. I am so grateful for Wairimu's voice in her country and in the world. We feel honoured that she trusted us with his story. Wairimu’s story is not over yet.  This is bipolar...   Meet Wairimu: Wairimu Ndung'u is a Kenyan bipolar activist empowering people living with mental illness through psychoeducation via social media. In 2021, she contributed to Meeting of Minds publication sharing how she navigated university while living with bipolar disorder. In 2022, she partnered with Myriam Sidibe, Founder of Brands on a Mission, to raise 2000 USD for people living with bipolar disorder receiving treatment at Kamili Organisation in Kenya. She's a member of Natrella's Wellness Network as a Mental Illness Support Buddy teaching patients how to advocate for themselves and maximize sessions with practitioners. She also runs "Team Sync", a workshop where she helps teams cultivate a founder mindset to unlock innovation and synergy by sharing her career journey as a person living with bipolar. Links to the two articles mentioned in the episode:      •    Navigating University With Bipolar Disorder: My Story (     •    Suicide Is Not a Dirty Word  (   IG TT: YouTube: this is bipolar   #bipolar #thisisbipolar #bipolar #mentalhealthawareness #mental-illness

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Unfiltered & authentic - a real-life glimpse of bipolar disorder. Join mental health advocate, Shaley Hoogendoorn as she passionately shares bipolar journey and holds space for others to share their own. It is Shaley’s greatest hope that sharing will give insight, shatter stigma, and offer hope. This is bipolar...