HYPOMANIA: Shaley Showing Up in the Messy Middle

In this SOLO episode mental illness activist, Shaley Hoogendoorn shares what its like to have the hypomanic "switch" in Spring and leading into Summer. She talks through about the big shift from the winter depressive period to her hypomanic high she is currently coping with. This episode shares the really hard parts of living with bipolar disorder. Shaley's story is not entirely unique and she hopes that others that live with bipolar episode will feel seen, understood and less alone. Her greatest hope is that she could gives insight into the messy middle of living with a mood disorder and share her coping strategies and tools. IG @this.is.bipolar TIkTok @this.is.bipolar Your Hostess with the mostest: Shaley Hoogendoorn is a speaker, vlogger and mental health advocate who aims to dismantle the stigma around mental health and create a safe community for those that struggle. She lives with bipolar ll, and is passionate about educating and empowering others about mental health disorders. She has contributed to publications for Sanctuary Ministries, Psych Central and BPHope magazine. She hosted a series interviewing women living with mental illnesses at SheLoves Magazine in a series named: Sisters in Mental Illness. Shaley is a content creator currently co-hosts “This is Bipolar” vlog and podcast. Shaley is also an elementary school teacher and an eventplanner. If you enjoyed this episode or if this podcast means something to you please hit follow or subscribe button. If you really loved it, would you consider making a small donation to further support the work of 'this is bipolar'. I am forever grateful that I get to do this bipolar advocacy work.  

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Unfiltered & authentic - a real-life glimpse of bipolar disorder. Join mental health advocate, Shaley Hoogendoorn as she passionately shares bipolar journey and holds space for others to share their own. It is Shaley’s greatest hope that sharing will give insight, shatter stigma, and offer hope. This is bipolar...