This Machine Kills

72. Against Study Without Action (ft. Matt Dagher-Margosian)

av This Machine Kills | Publicerades 5/26/2021

Open / Outro: United Forever Fight Together by Rebel Riot, punk band from Myanmar – We’re joined by Matt Dagher-Margosian – founder of Asia Art Tours and host of The Arts of Travel podcast. We start off talking about some problems in how Anglo/Western leftists often frame and discuss global radical politics, particularly in Asia, as an entry for getting deeper into the pitfalls of engaging in study without action. That is, the necessity of building international solidarity, engaging with struggles against state violence, centering those who have a stake in struggles, and making movements like decolonialism and anti-racism dangerous again. Matt ends the episode by providing us with an excellent list of resources for radical media in various Asian countries. And here’s the lecture at Brown University by Joy James we reference: The Architects of Abolitionism - Check out Asia Art Tours: Listen to The Arts of Travel: Follow on Twitter: Subscribe to hear more analysis and commentary in our premium episodes every week! TMK shirts are now available: Hosted by Jathan Sadowski ( and Edward Ongweso Jr. ( Production / Music by Jereme Brown (

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