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86. Khaaaaan!

av This Machine Kills | Publicerades 7/14/2021

We do a deep dive into the ideas of Lina Khan, the newly confirmed chair of the Federal Trade Commission. We discuss her large body of scholarship—digging up some of her lesser known, but arguably more important work—which provides sharp, critical, complex analysis of the political economy of platforms and seeks to revive antitrust regulation as a tool for tackling structural problems of corporate dominance. We also talk about how Khan, in her new position of regulatory authority, could actually make necessary material changes to contemporary capitalism. And, in the process, help create the conditions needed for bigger, better, more radical forms of democratic power. Some stuff we reference: • Market Structure and Political Law: A Taxonomy of Power | Zephyr Teachout and Lina Khan: • Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox | Lina Khan: • Lina Khan’s Power Grab at the FTC | WSJ Editorial Board: Subscribe to hear more analysis and commentary in our premium episodes every week! Grab your TMK gear: Hosted by Jathan Sadowski ( and Edward Ongweso Jr. ( Production / Music by Jereme Brown (

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