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Ep:#24 Tess Willcox on her TIE Accelerator experience

av TIE Unearthed | Publicerades 5/8/2021

Tess is a CEO of an Australian resort marketing agency focusing on the sustainable travel sector. But, 15 months of having borders slam shut and there being no international travel – she and her team had to reinvent. And find new ways to respond to the new normal. So what did she do when her business started to take the biggest hit? She applied for TIE Accelerator. And here Tess tells you why. Tess will bring to life where she was personally and professionally. She’ll tell you about the experience of working with a Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest NGO. We’ll hear about what her initial feelings were coming into the experience, the doubts and then what happened. And then Tess tells us what her biggest lesson was after 6 weeks. And it really isn’t what you would expect. So, throw on those running shoes, or grab that favourite beverage, and have a listen! Please do let us know what you think of this episode. And don’t forget to leave a review, rating and subscribe. If you would like to get in touch with Tess you can find her on Instagram at @tesswillcox If you would like to get involved with TIE, and be a part of the important change that needs to be made in the world, do get in touch: philippa@theinternationalexchange.co.uk If you’re keen to contribute more to society through your work, grow as a responsible business leader, and find ways to bridge purpose and profit. We are kicking off our next TIE Accelerator experience in June. Don't miss out. Find out more at our TIE Accelerator info session: apply.tieaccelerator.com

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