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Ep:#21 The Brazil special edition: Covid, the Agenda 2030, SDGs and ESGs

av TIE Unearthed | Publicerades 3/30/2021

The question the world is asking. What is really happening on the ground in Brazil, right now, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic? Today I speak with Claudio Fernandes, a Brazilian Economist and Policy Advisor who has participated in a number of UN negotiations, has been part of working groups to develop strategies for the G20, and is the co-founder and member of the Brazilian working group for the 2030 Agenda implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. We cover a lot in this episode. And we ask a lot of big questions. What is the reality for this country that has not faced such a traumatic or complex crisis as the one it is facing right now? We talk about what is happening around the world in relation to vaccines. And what the situation looks like for developing countries. Claudio brings to life how Brazil is in relation to the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and reaching the Agenda in 2030. He reminds us that the SDGs are anchored in three pillars: Environment, Social and Economics. And explains that one thing cannot bypass the other. And then talks about what happens when they do. And we discuss ESGs. Claudio provides some fascinating insights from his point of view, and we talk about what corporate responsibility depends on. And he explains what determines all of the problems we talked about in this episode. What are the financial and trade determinants of the burning of the forests, or the pollution of the oceans and rivers? And how can the financial markets be a part of solution? You can find the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Spotlight Report for Brazil here in English. And you can find out more about Gestos here.  Please do let us know what you think of this episode. And don’t forget to leave a review, rating and subscribe. If you would like to get involved with TIE, and be a part of the important change that needs to be made in the world, do get in touch: philippa@theinternationalexchange.co.uk

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