Aviation’s Post-Pandemic Digital Resurgence with a Senior Advisor in Aviation, Simon Talling-Smith #35

2020 presented a huge challenge for air travel, perhaps more than most. But where we saw other sectors finally catching up with their technology, aviation has always seen its tech evolving.With a 30+ year career in air travel, spanning BA and Qatar Airways among many, Simon Talling-Smith is in a perfect position to observe the industry’s digital advancements.In Tied Together this week, Simon shares the gradual development of the sector, whether we’ll return to a pre-pandemic experience, and the interoperable & sustainable future of air travel.This episode of Tied Together covers:The newest technologies in the airline industry, from facial recognition to back-end processing systemsHow end-to-end maintenance systems are some of the most vital aspects of aeroplane safetyUnifying standards internationally to achieve greater interoperabilityWhether we’ll return to pre-2020 in terms of customer quantity, flight cost and moreLinks and references: https://bit.ly/3jAo8bD

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