Delivering Tech Innovation in a Global Market with Glovo’s CTO, Narek Verdian #27

Glovo has seen monumental growth in the delivery sector, expanding its innovative tech solution into 23 countries, so how do they manage data to match their ever-increasing demand?Narek Verdian is Chief Technology Officer for the Barcelona-based startup, and he joins Katrina Logie on Tied Together to discuss how machine learning and AI are essential as they breach new territories, and what tools we need for the future of hybrid work to live up to its potential.This episode of Tied Together covers:The future tech solutions needed to improve the hybrid workflowBuilding a unique delivery platform with customer service at its heartGlovo’s innovative use of AI, machine learning and data scienceHandling the complexity of a multi-category serviceThe essential tools Glovo rely on to measure customer demandsLinks and references:

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