Intuition & Innovation Within the Manufacturing Sector with Sunny Han #31

The innovation we see in systems permeating every industry so often originates with the manufacturing sector, and Fulcrum are pushing their clients to achieve more through their ERP offering.Their Founder & CEO, Sunny Han, is bringing digitisation and acceleration to Fulcrum’s customers. We chat to Sunny on the latest episode of Tied Together to hear how he sees the parallels between machine learning and human intuition, their ambitions to connect businesses together, and the power of system integration.This episode of Tied Together covers:Trust in intuition, and how machine learning algorithms follow similar principlesFulcrum’s approach to understanding the end user & customer’s needsThe future potential for Fulcrum to link an entire supply chainWhy bespoke solutions might not always be better for the userThe power of integrating with other, purpose-built systemsLinks and references:

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