Technology’s Upheaval of the Energy Market with CEO of Energy Ogre, Jesson Bradshaw #29

The incredible array of tools helping energy customers navigate the complexities of the market now are a far cry from those available when the market opened 20 years ago.With the supply of energy moving to more renewable sources, we hear from Energy Ogre’s CEO on how they’re using innovative technology to pair consumers’ demand profiles with the right suppliers.Jesson Bradshaw brings his expertise to Tied Together this week, as we hear about how proprietary systems are rapidly processing huge amounts of data, the cloud computing and database tools essential to their offering, and much more.This episode of Tied Together covers:How the move towards consumer choice presented an opportunity for Energy Ogre to simplify a complex process for consumersWhat the US energy market can learn from developing industries around the worldThe technologies enabling a cost-saving marriage of demand profiles with suitable supplier profilesCloud computing and database tech that’s been essential to Energy Ogre’s offeringLinks and references:

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