The New Age of Digital Health & Wellness with Tictrac’s James Henson #23

Health & Wellbeing is an area with far more focus than ever before, evidenced by the slew of apps and services jumping into the space within the past few years alone.So where does Tictrac’s James Henson see the most effective outcomes for end users, and how can we achieve it? Interoperability between platforms promises to unlock new experiences greater than the sum of their parts.Learn how Tictrac are traversing the digital health space, and the bright future they’re working to bring businesses, on episode 23 of Tied Together.This episode of Tied Together covers:The driving force behind an explosion of wellness servicesHow much data is needed behind the scenes of health tracking appsCollaboration and interoperability, and how they could evolve the sectorCreating a research-backed, useful UX for customersThe future of digital wellnessLinks and references:

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