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Abby Roberts // @abbyroberts

av TikTok For You | Publicerades 4/29/2021

Abby Roberts, the artist formerly known as Abby Artistry, is one of the most popular makeup artists on TikTok. Best known for her transformation videos, Abby uses makeup to literally make herself look like the cast of Tiger King, Breaking Bad, and a slew of other icons in pop culture today. In this episode, Brittany talks to Abby about using your face as a canvass, and why TikTok is the best app to express yourself.

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Welcome to the first official “For You” TikTok podcast, hosted by creator Brittany Broski. We discuss everything TikTok with the creators who have turned the platform into a global community and cultural phenomenon. This podcast really is For You, whether you’re a creator or just interested in the world of TikTok. Join us for never-before-heard stories and insights from those who create videos AND culture on TikTok.