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Ebony & Denise // @Team2Moms

av TikTok For You | Publicerades 3/18/2021

Get your vibes correct because the self-proclaimed CEOs of Positivity—aka @Team2Moms—are here! The duo Ebony and Denise join Brittany to share their parenting journey and talk about normalizing the stigma of raising children as lesbian parents. They reveal how being a gay married couple wasn’t even a thing when they first met, and how TikTok has helped them educate folks about their lifestyle.

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Welcome to the first official “For You” TikTok podcast, hosted by creator Brittany Broski. We discuss everything TikTok with the creators who have turned the platform into a global community and cultural phenomenon. This podcast really is For You, whether you’re a creator or just interested in the world of TikTok. Join us for never-before-heard stories and insights from those who create videos AND culture on TikTok.