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Lubalin // @lubalin

av TikTok For You | Publicerades 4/1/2021

Mr. "MC of Internet Drama" himself joins Brittany Broski on this episode of the For You podcast to chat about all things content creation. Lubalin is a Canadian musician who's dabbled in several genres, but it wasn't until he got on TikTok last December that his sense of humor found its home. Lubalin creates short comedic songs out of "random internet drama," like a person needing hassle-free butter or misunderstandings over rental bookings. In this episode, Lubalin talks about what drew him to the app and why the short format fuels his unique style of comedy.

Om Podcasten

Welcome to the first official “For You” TikTok podcast, hosted by creator Brittany Broski. We discuss everything TikTok with the creators who have turned the platform into a global community and cultural phenomenon. This podcast really is For You, whether you’re a creator or just interested in the world of TikTok. Join us for never-before-heard stories and insights from those who create videos AND culture on TikTok.