Tim & Sam: Best Moments of The One Project

Tim & Sam // Best Moments of The One Project  Hosts: Tim Gillespie, Sam Leonor We've reached our 50th episode! Tim and Sam talk where we're at with the current COVID-19 pandemic and conclude our series on The One Project on what they've learned, what's changed and it's best moments. Tim and Sam still If you have any comments or questions for Tim and Sam, please email podcast@crosswalkvillage.com.  Tim and Sam still can't figure out when to click the recording button (8:00) Wanna donate to the podcasts? Click HERE. (11:00) What has changed? (13:30) Story Time with Sam (28:35) "The gospel leads you to more love, grace, compassion..." (1:11:10) Check out Unapologetics Podcast with Tim Gillespie and Alex Bryant! You can get your own bag of delicious Covert Coffee by The Fowlers by going to www.covertcoffee.com. This podcast is powered through Megaphone.

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Hey it's the Tim and Sam, Sam and Tim podcast, where we host deeper conversation about culture, daily living, scripture, and more. We hope that you experience fuller lives knowing that God is present.