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Tim & Sam: Preaching 5

av Tim & Sam | Publicerades 8/11/2020

Tim & Sam // Preaching: Weddings Hosts: Tim Gillespie, Sam Leonor In this episode Tim and Sam start to wrap up this little series on preaching with some story telling on weddings that they’ve witnessed or have ministered. If you have any comments or questions for Tim and Sam, please email podcast@crosswalkvillage.com.    Let’s talk about weddings (6:45) How long should a sermon homily be? (12:43) “Vows” (20:00) Relationship History (29:04) Tim & Sam did a wedding together (32:00) Do your kids want you to officiate their wedding? (37:00)   Visit crosswalkvillage.com/ for more information on Crosswalk Church. 

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