Tim & Sam: The Band 1

Tim & Sam // The Band: “The Electric Fishermen” Hosts: Tim Gillespie, Sam Leonor In this episode Tim and Sam, these two friends talk about the current podcasts that they are listening to (listed below) but finally get around to what seems like has been egged on-- their band. Tim and Sam finally talk about the band that they were in during their seminary years. If you have any comments or questions for Tim and Sam, please email podcast@crosswalkvillage.com.    Holy Post Podcast , Stuff You Should Know Podcast , Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History Podcast, Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend Podcast  , Radiolab Podcast (3:30)  “Today’s the day that we decide to take you on a journey…” (9:00) “The Grazers” (14:17) “The Electric Fishermen” (33:00)   Visit crosswalkvillage.com/ for more information on Crosswalk Church.  This podcast was made through Megaphone,

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