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Tim & Sam: The Band 2

av Tim & Sam | Publicerades 8/27/2020

Tim & Sam // The Band: “Big Face Grace”  Hosts: Tim Gillespie, Sam Leonor In this episode Tim and Sam, Sam has gone back to drinking coffee, Covert Coffee. We continue this journey of the band Tim and Sam were in as they go through another name change and Sam gets invited to join the band. If you have any comments or questions for Tim and Sam, please email podcast@crosswalkvillage.com.    The band gets banned (4:00) Big Face Grace (13:00) Sam joins the band (17:15) “You don’t dabble in double reeds.” (28:30) The Rant (32:00) The Competition (37:30) Listen to "The Way" by Big Face Grace HERE.   Visit crosswalkvillage.com/ for more information on Crosswalk Church.  This podcast was made through Megaphone.

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