Tipsy Sessions by Shamul

Tipsy Session 34 - Opus (U.S.A.)

av Tipsy Sessions by Shamul | Publicerades 5/16/2019

A party kid hopping around the clubs, discovered his fascination for turntables and DJing. A beginning of a dream, that finally led the kid to walk on the path to become a full timer. Dj'ing in parties, events and having a residency was next. After over a decade of spinning in the nightclubs and also live DJing on Radio shows, this Veteran DJ chose to study Music Production at the Pyramind Studios in San Francisco and began to delve deeper into the craft of making music. Ladies and Gents, presenting this fabulous chill set all the way from Atlanta, Georgia - "OPUS" ... Track List: 1 - Deep Emotion (Original Mix) - Moe Turk 2 - Seeking Distance (Original Mix) - Rayomand 3 - Playground #1 - Hiroyuki Kajino, Yuichiro Kotani 4 - Menina Que Passa - Newman (NYC) 5 - Evening Fog - Essay 6 - Sunland - Makebo 7 - Magic Journey - Amonita 8 - Heartbreak (Joyce Muniz Illusion Dub Mix) - Clubfeet, Chela 9 - Dreamer (Original Mix) - Moe Turk 10 - Lo Unico - M.E.M.O 11- Alcyon - Simon Vuarambon 12 - Made Up (Original Mix) - Moe Turk 13 - Into Myself (Original Mix) - UruMusicArt 14 - Ensina - Hermanez

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