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Söndagar Tipsy Sessions by Shamul

Tipsy Session 48 - Giedriawas (U.K.)

av Tipsy Sessions by Shamul | Publicerades 8/24/2019

His interest in music started in the mid-90’s when electronic music was started up trending. In 1999, mixing became more attractive for him & start focused on mixing techniques. A dynamic, passionate DJ with an encyclopedic knowledge of electronic music history and a record bag to match it, he can dig deep in any given situation, bringing good vibes and contagious energy to the dance floor. With past residencies at private parties, as well as sharing decks with world known Dj's like Nick Warren, Kastis Torrau, Donatello, Dj Mindaugelis, Tomcraft and more, Giedriawas is an unrelenting ball of positivity behind the decks, delivering high quality to every dance floor he plays to. A versatile and professional selector with an acute understanding of how to adapt to various settings Giedriawas retains that unique touch that only he can provide, never losing sight of his own musical identity and staying true to the art of DJ’ing. www.facebook.com/djgiedriawas/ hearthis.at/giedriawas/ soundcloud.com/giedriawas Track List: 01 Retza - Eta Carinae (Matt Waters Remix) [Lo-Fi-45] 02 Aron Volta - Believe (Original Mix) [Moiss Music] 03 Gorge - Depth of Silence (Original Mix) [Still Hot] 04 Can 7, Angela Caran - The Promise (Meines Remix) [Deepalma] 05 Intense Flight - Fomalhaut (Niceshot Remix) [AMITABHA] 06 Stanccione - Cancel [Get Physical] 07 Eleonora, Bigasti - Fjords (Armen Miran Remix) [Lost Diaries] 08 Baunder, Interaxxis - Harmonious (Original Mix) [Sudbeat Music] 09 Monolink - Burning Sun (Davi Remix) [Stil Vor Talent] 10 Frankey, Sandrino feat. Ia Oberg - Ways of the Sun (Original Mix) [Drumpoet Community] 11 Hauy - Redpath (Original Mix) [Get Physical Music]

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