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Tipsy Session 53 - UNK (Pakistan)

av Tipsy Sessions by Shamul | Publicerades 10/1/2019

UNK - I am Umar Najeeb Khan, popularly known as UNK in the Karachi Underground Music Scene. My music is a representation of my dreams and imagination fused with the art of mixing. I started to invest my time in underground House music as a fan and then I started mixing live on stage in 2014. I try my best to give my audience a unique taste of music without compromising on quality. The genesis of mixing is a separate art but I have conscientiously to producing progressive symphonies, hoping to change the electronic music scene in Pakistan. Track List: 1: Marlin (Nicolas Rada Remix) by Laurent Chanal 2: A Forest (Original Mix) by Colle 3: Spektra (Original Mix) by Stas Drive 4: Versoria (D-Formation, GRAZZE Remix) by Stephan Jolk 5: Airport (Highjacks Remix) by Gaston Ponte 6: Revelations (Original Mix) by Stan Kolev, Paul Thomas 7: Opium (Jack Lazarus Extended Remix) by Jerome Isma-Ae 8: Bebe (Petar Dundov Remix) by Etyen 9: Brainchild (Kamilo Sanclemente & Dabeat Remix) by Miguel, Westseven 10: My Computer Feat. Glowal (Original Mix) by Adana Twins 11: Journey to Ixtlan (Original Mix) by Sebastian Busto

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