Episode 28: “What Would You Do?” Chats with Opie

TW: mentions of abuse.. This weeks episode is just with Opie! In it, she talks about her past with her mother and asks for the listeners input on what they would do if they were in the situation she is currently dealing with. This is an important episode to her, and a subject that weighs on her heart. Unfortunately, some of us are not born with loving parents and sometimes we have to make decisions that will benefit our mental health. Even if they are difficult to make. Please check out Opie’s Instagram post (@Ophelianichols) and share your thoughts and feelings, if you don’t have Instagram, she has also made the same post on Facebook and looks forward to hearing from you all! Next week we will hopefully all be back on the podcast and look forward to recording together! Be sure to subscribe to Opie’s TikTok while you are at it - you can find it in the linktree in her TikTok bio or by simply searching “Ophelia Nichols” on YouTube! If you don’t want to publicly comment but have something to say regarding this episode or anything else you may want to discuss with the three of us, you can email us at tottalks99@gmail.com! Thank you for your support! We love and appreciate you all.

Om Podcasten

Hi tatertots! Welcome to our podcast!! So happy you are here. We are just 3 friends who put ourselves out there on social media and ended up finding each other. We have so much in common but realized so does everyone else, so why not connect together and that’s what we will do here. We will talk about mental health, toxic family, daily struggles with motherhood, infertility, depression and so much more. We have all been through so much but it’s how we get through things in the end. Stay tuned! Connect: IG- @ophelianichols TT- @shoelover99, @themessytherapist, @mellissaprice7 shoelover99.com