Episode 33: Saturday Morning Chats with Opie

In today’s episode, Opie decides to take y’all along with her on a drive to just chat about how life has been recently. What she has been up to travel wise, what she has to look forward to and things that she has been dealing with. As well as a special shout out to all of our LGBTQ+ tater tots, we wish you a happy pride month! Please know that if you don’t have acceptance at home, you certainly do with us. You are loved, wanted and accepted just as you are! If you’d like to email us your comments, questions, suggestions or to just vent to us (we are not therapists but we will try to be there for you in the best way we can) you can do that at tottalks99@gmail.com. We would love to hear your input! As always, be better, not bitter. We love you and will be back soon!

Om Podcasten

Hi tatertots! Welcome to our podcast!! So happy you are here. We are just 3 friends who put ourselves out there on social media and ended up finding each other. We have so much in common but realized so does everyone else, so why not connect together and that’s what we will do here. We will talk about mental health, toxic family, daily struggles with motherhood, infertility, depression and so much more. We have all been through so much but it’s how we get through things in the end. Stay tuned! Connect: IG- @ophelianichols TT- @shoelover99, @themessytherapist, @mellissaprice7 shoelover99.com