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Bridging the Gap with Michalis Theophanous. IMMOVABILITY IS PART OF MOVEMENT

In this 5th episode of the 2nd season we have talked with Michalis Theophanous. Current performer with  Dimitris Papaioannou and Bob Wilson Together we talked about:- What is for Michalis performance presence- Training in vocational schools- Stillness in performance- His own work as a performer, director and workshop teacherSome quotes from our conversation with Michalis:"Having a premiere is not the end of the process… it is the begining of it. It is about finding a reason to do it again and again and stepping a bit further each performance than what you did last time""Nobody told me on school how to cover 25 metres in 12 minute in a fluent movement without pausing at anytime, or how to sweat without even moving, or how to face the audience, how to take off your jacket… how to be present on stage without overtrying, without over exposing yourself and scream:  'look at me' " "During the rehearsals of Primal Matter, the duet with Dimitri, there is a moment in the piece, where I am naked and I need to stay there for three minutes. During the rehearsals, I was: this is a good moment for me to rest. But when I was in the theatre and I hundreds of eyes looking at me, that was and endless nightmare (...) I could’t shit my pants because I had no pants"" After the 5th rehearsal, I was so excited because I was failing (…) so I found a way to make it happen and to be extremely precise""I am not here to teach, I don’t like the word teach, I am just here to share, very basic and very boring exercises that you might use or might never use in their career… they will be free to keep [the exercises} or to throw them away… but you never know when will be the moment to use them…  "At the end of the day we train our body, we sharp our knife, it is not necessarily that we are going to use all of them in our career, but it is  our choice what we want to keep using"Support the show (

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