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TWV in conversations with Paolo Mangiola

Why dancers are the main asset of any dance company Interdependency What is the role of a national dance company and why they should exist A dystopian future where Earth’s rotation slows down and gravity increases exponentially What does Paolo Mangiola look for on a dancer during an audition process Presence, humanity and honesty in performance What Zfin Malta next season looks like What happens to artists when the work you want to make has been made by Boris Charmatz already How all the negative answers we receive throughout a lifetime equipped us to go further and further How do you know whether a piece has changed your life…

Om Podcasten

As part of out unique online training Towards Vivencia, once a month we invite dance-artists we admire to talk to Jorge Crecis about Peak Performance Presence, how to sustain a long and successful career in the arts and what are the books and other resources our guests feed from.