Tips to Improve Your Fitness | A Conversation with Nike Master Trainers

av TRAINED | Publicerades 8/1/2019

Training is all about figuring out what works for you. It’s about finding your own philosophy, your approach, your guidelines. On this episode, we’re turning to some of our other Nike Master Trainers – Kirsty Godso, Betina Gozo and Joe Holder – for a round table discussion on how anyone, no matter their level, can improve their approach to all five facets of fitness. Throughout our conversation, Kirsty, Betina and Joe will tell us about how they’ve developed their own training philosophies, how they've learned to tailor their workouts to different needs, and how training – both professionally and personally – has changed their lives.

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Through years of research and working with the world's best athletes - Nike has learned greatness isn't born, it's trained. This podcast explores the cutting-edge of holistic fitness to help make you a better trainer and athlete. Listen to conversations with industry experts and discover the latest innovations, insights, and trends making the biggest impact on the training world.