Episode #95: Paula Findlay and Eric Lagerstrom

Jim, Gerry, and Emily welcome Paula and Eric to the show.  This power couple of triathlon go over topics including their start in the sport, balancing training and life, their podcast/Youtube channel That Triathlon Life, and successes and failures they have had in the sport of triathlon. After that, the Workout of the Episode is given and the listener questions are answered.   Go to coaching.tower26.com to subscribe to the TOWER 26 Swim Subscription Plan Go to www.training.tower26.com to join the TOWER 26 Triathlon Training Program For Swim Video Analysis email: contact@tower26.com To purchase the TOWER 26 Transition Bag and Mesh Gear Bag go to Amazon To ask questions to be answered ON-AIR, tweet @Tower_26 or email the show at contact@tower26.com. To listen to the show, subscribe to the TOWER 26 newsletter, read the Tower 26 blog, or to see what Tower 26 is up to, go to www.TOWER26.com. Follow Jim Lubinski on TWITTER @jimlubinski, www.jimlubinski.com, @jimlubinski Thanks to Tom Hiel for the Intro/Outro music. All information and content heard/disseminated on the "Tower 26-Be Race Ready Podcast" is property of TOWER 26 and shall not be copied, retransmitted, or rebroadcast without TOWER 26 consent.

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Triathlon Swimming with TOWER 26 was created by Triathlon's go-to swim expert Coach, Gerry Rodrigues, and USAT Certified Coach/Professional Triathlete, Jim Lubinski. These podcasts will help triathletes get the most return out of their swim preparation by covering all the essential topics and ingredients that are necessary to make triathletes better and safer swimmers. Through Gerry's countless years of coaching thousands of triathletes and Jim's racing/training/coaching experience, the two will take on all topics relevant to triathlon swimming.