BELOW DECKS 2 - Gender Through History

Below the decks of the Netaonsom we get a peak into what makes the ship sail: Welcome to Below Decks!In this special behind the scenes series we’ll be diving deep into the process of bringing Trice Forgotten to life. Today, enjoy a discussion between Series Creator Nemo Martin, Series Director Rafaella Marcus, and Author/Professor Hannah McGregor on Gender through History!!Transcript: warnings:Colonization and ImperialismDiscriminationRacismOppressionDiscussions of; Queerphobia, Fatphobia, White Supremecy, EnslavementMentions of: Transphobia, Dysphoria, Abortions, Eugenics, Genocide, Diet cultureSFX: wind & seaCreated by Nemo MartinDirected by Rafaella MarcusExecutive Producers Alexander J Newall & April SumnerProduced by Ian Geers, Lowri Ann Davies, and Production Manager Natasha JohnstonCreative Consultation by Morgan GivensHistorical Consultation by Dr. Nira WickramasingheSensitivity Consultation by Salt and SageLinguistic Consultants Yen Ooi, Rumzi Yousef, and Ella MartinFeaturingRafaella MarcusNemo MartinHannah McGregorDialogue Editor – James Austin & Lowri Ann DaviesMastering Editor - Catherine RinellaMusic by Sam JonesArt by Guerrilla CommunicationsSFX: dasebr, MTJohnson, elizagoode, jwsoundfoley, GeorgeEvans (CC 3.0), coetzee_megan12 (CC 3.0), InspectorJ (CC 4.0)Check out our merchandise available at and and our community:WEBSITE: rustyquill.comFACEBOOK: @therustyquillREDDIT: mail@rustyquill.comTrice Forgotten is a podcast distributed by Rusty Quill Ltd. and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share alike 4.0 International Licence. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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Alestes likes to keep her head down while she works as a merchant, couriering deliveries and carrying travelers to destinations across the seas. Only as her travelers gradually become permanent crewmates, she realises her ship has become a floating museum, laboratory, vault of repatriated ‘treasures’, and a chef’s kitchen.After spending most of her life with the understanding that nothing changes, no matter how hard you fight, Alestes is faced with a choice: Will she use her new network of allies to build safe harbour and potentially a future for her new community, or will she once again put her head down and drown in her sea of excuses… Hosted on Acast. See for more information.