Trumpet Dynamics

Do it for Them, Not You: How to Undergo a Performance Makeover w/ Pastor Tim Conkling

av Trumpet Dynamics | Publicerades 3/28/2020

Host James Newcomb is joined by friend, pastor and mentor Timothy Conkling discussing performance anxiety. What is at the root of performance anxiety? Why does no one care how well you play? What role does the ego play in identifying and overcoming performance anxiety? These questions and many more are covered in this edition of The Trumpet Jungle podcast. Enjoy!

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Young or old. Professional or amateur. You never miss a day of practice... or you're coming back to rediscover the joy you once knew playing your horn. For those who love and are fascinated with this crazy mass of metal tubing that no one can seem to master -- or is wise enough to not admit it if they have. This show covers all of the Trumpet Dynamics.