Trumpet Dynamics

Going Acapella, The Oxymoronic Career as Trumpet Soloist, Finding Zen in Performance and Much More w/ Patrick Oliverio.

av Trumpet Dynamics | Publicerades 1/15/2020

"Average Joe?!" I asked incredulously. "Yes, I..." "Average Joe???!!!" I asked, again stupefied. When it comes to the trumpet, Patrick Oliverio is anything but average. Solo cornetist w/ the Fountain City Brass Band, awarded first place in the graduate division of the 2017 National Trumpet Competition, highly sought-out teacher and performer in the Kansas City metro area. These are but a few of the well-deserved accolades Patrick has earned in his career. When he's not producing videos of himself performing 6-part ensemble pieces in stairwells using the (Acapella app), he writes in his blog on topics such as meditation, parenting and performing, and much more. Find him on the web at Enjoy the interview!

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Young or old. Professional or amateur. You never miss a day of practice... or you're coming back to rediscover the joy you once knew playing your horn. For those who love and are fascinated with this crazy mass of metal tubing that no one can seem to master -- or is wise enough to not admit it if they have. This show covers all of the Trumpet Dynamics.