Trumpet Dynamics

The Show Must Go On. European Trumpeter Flourishes In Spite of COVID Restrictions (And How You Can Too)

av Trumpet Dynamics | Publicerades 11/9/2020

Conversations like this inspire me to pick up my horn, turn on my iPhone camera and just hit "record" and see what happens. Floris Onstwedder is a trumpet soloist based in The Netherlands and Switzerland. In normal circumstances, he plays the finest concert halls in the world with his stunning virtuosity and lyricism on the trumpet. In "other than normal" circumstances, Floris remains undeterred from sharing his gifts with the world. And although the present conditions are far from optimal, he has discovered new ways to share his gifts and build a following around the world. Here are a few highlights of the conversation between James Newcomb and Floris Onstwedder:-Adjusting fire with coronavirus lockdowns...04:05-A thorough smackdown of the "let's wait for the government to validate art" argument...13:43-New opportunities to reach an audience thanks to the

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Young or old. Professional or amateur. You never miss a day of practice... or you're coming back to rediscover the joy you once knew playing your horn. For those who love and are fascinated with this crazy mass of metal tubing that no one can seem to master -- or is wise enough to not admit it if they have. This show covers all of the Trumpet Dynamics.