Season 5 - EP 3: Self-Made

Decades after Richard Nixon declared the war on drugs, our evolved understanding of drug addiction has ushered in a new understanding of mental health and the flaws of the criminal justice system, and with it, a resurgence of an age-old medicine, once criminalized — now used as a form of healing. In Episode 3, we meet the children of the drug war and discover how they’re navigating this newfound exploration of psychedelics to find personal healing. Wise Ones: Ayize Jama Everett, Educator; Mary Pryor, Detroiter, Entrepreneur.

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She Has A Name blends elements of investigative journalism and memoir to tell the story of Anita, a sister that host Tonya Mosley learned about more than a decade after she went missing. Set against the backdrop of the drug epidemic in 1980s Detroit, She Has A Name is a story of loss and redemption, mending broken family ties, and facing the trauma experienced by countless individuals who've lost loved ones to violence.