Marvel's Hawkeye Episode 2 Hide and Seek

We're having a LARP with Hawkeye Episode 2 "Hide and Seek". We discuss the episode in full spoiler filled detail. Make sure you watch both episode 1 and 2 before listening to our chat. Hawkeye Episode 2 "Never Meet Your Heroes" Synopsis Head Writer: Jonathan Igla Episode Written by: Elisa Lomnitz Climent Episode Directed By: Rhys Thomas Staff Writer: Heather Quinn Executive Story Editors: Katrina Mathewson and Tanner Bean After the events of the night before, Kate Bishop takes Clint Barton back to her apartment; but she has left a trail to her own home which is attacked by the Tracksuit Mafia. The pair are forced to evacuate the apartment after a Molotov cocktail sets Kate’s home on fire, which prevents them from taking the Ronin suit away from the scene of the fire. Trying to get off grid, Kate takes them to her Aunt's apartment where she can rest and patch up her battle scars. Meanwhile Clint tries to recover the Ronin suit. While unsuccessful, he has a LARPer lead on where the Ronin suit may have gone. The next day Clint returns to his hotel and sends his children back home, promising to return home by Christmas day. He has 6-days and counting! With the kids on the plane he escorts Kate to her mother’s company, Bishop Securities, then heads over to Central Park for some “Hey nonny, nonny” and live action role playing as he fights to the “death” a firefighter named Grill to recover the Ronin suit. With the suit in his possession he looks to contact the Russian Mafia believing he can sort out the mess created by Kate and be back home in time for Christmas. Later that evening, during dinner, tensions rise as Kate tries to prove that Jack Duquesne was involved in Armand's death, but her mother Eleanor is unconvinced. So Kate decides to settle the matter by challenging Duquesne to a fencing duel to prove he is a liar about his sword skills. She does, but her mother remains unconvinced. She leaves the apartment unsettled by an offer of a Armand III butterscotch from Jack which convinces her further of his involvement. In the taxi home she tries to contact Barton, not knowing that he has allowed himself to be captured by the Tracksuit Mafia. She tracks down Barton's location, but ends up being captured herself. As the pair are tied to fairground rides the gang informs their boss Maya Lopez, aka Echo, of Hawkeye and Kate Bishop's capture. Hawkeye Episode 2 Cast

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